Facebook Character Analysis Project

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Period 2
Boncella, A
Burrows, D
Carey, D
Blank J
Cermak, A
Fonticella, C
Fox, T H
Gibson A
Hauk, E
Heintz B
Hurd, W
Irwin, B
Kilmer, D
Levin, A
Lavin, P
Nerthling, S
Kobal, L
O'Brien K
Spacht, C
Snyder, M
Sundberg, J
Stucke, R
Susko, B
Susko, K
Thompson H
VanEnkevort, D

Period 3
Anderson, P
Brinling, J
Biletnikoff, D
Hetz, H
Cardman, R
Decker, A
Downey, M
Cooper, M
Facchine, R
Gaton, S
Gebhardt, B
Hall, A
Hulings, M
Lawson, M
Louis B
Lyon, A
Matczak S
McGrain K
Muscarella J
O'Baker A
Patterson B
Robertson, J
Smallshaw T
Stanko, M
Sweny, P