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How to Join a Wiki

You will need to join this wikispace in order to post your answers to the summer readings. Open the above document to learn how to join. Please make sure your wiki account user name is written with your graduation year, your last name, and your first initial. Please change your existing wikispaces user name if it is not in this format.

So how does a wikispace work?

.... ...

Click on the play button to watch a Common Craft video describing wikis in plain English:

Student Pages

Period 2
Boncella, A
Burrows, D
Carey, D
Blank J
Cermak, A
Fonticella, C
Fox, T H
Gibson A
Hauk, E
Heintz B
Hurd, W
Irwin, B
Kilmer, D
Levin, A
Lavin, P
Nerthling, S
Kobal, L
O'Brien K
Spacht, C
Snyder, M
Sundberg, J
Stucke, R
Susko, B
Susko, K
Thompson H
VanEnkevort, D

Period 3
Anderson, P
Brinling, J
Biletnikoff, D
Hetz, H
Cardman, R
Decker, A
Downey, M
Cooper, M
Facchine, R
Gaton, S
Gebhardt, B
Hall, A
Hulings, M
Lawson, M
Louis B
Lyon, A
Matczak S
McGrain K
Muscarella J
O'Baker A
Patterson B
Robertson, J
Smallshaw T
Stanko, M
Sweny, P