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  • Olympian Goddess of hunting, nature, chasity, the moon, and childbirth
  • Daughter of Zues and Leto
  • Twin sister of Olympian God Apollo
  • Possessed such powers as super human stregnth, speed, and stamina
  • Capable of self-healing, shape-shifting, and energy manipulation
  • Had three times as dense skin, muscle, and bone tissue as a normal human
  • Phonetic Pronunciation: AR-tuh-mis


Artemis and her twin brother Apollo were conceived on yet another one of unfaithful betrayals to his wife Hera. She was so outraged at Zues’s actions, she wouldn’t allow Leto, the mother of the twins, to give birth anywhere. She eventually found a safe place to give birth on the islands of Ortygia and Delos. Within minutes of there birth, the twins grew into adulthood.


It was said by the Greeks that Artemis was tall, thin, and athletically beautiful. She had a height of 5’9” and weighed 420 pounds. She had amazing blue eyes and stunning strawberry blonde hair. Artemis could be a very two-sided person. One minute she could graciously be helping a women through childbirth, and the next being very disrespectful and cruel.

Her trademark, made by the god of Hephaestus, was a bow with silver arrows that she always carried around with her. She dressed in knee length dress made of animal pelt and hunting boots made of animal skin. Artemis was always drown by a chariot of four golden-horned deer.
She was decribed as having a crescent moon in the middle of her forehead, and was said to be affiliated with Selene, the goddess of the moon. Artemis was an Olympian goddess as well as a virgin goddess. Her occupation was to wonder the forest and mountains protecting the animals and creatures of the world. She would also hunt and kill animals like lions and panthers.

Goddess Of What?

artemis3.jpgArtemis was the Olympian Goddess of wild animals and hunting. She was a patron of the wilderness. The things she adored most were hunting, fishing, fowling and all kinds of bodies of water.
This Olympian was also a Goddess of childbirth, chastity, the moon, and sudden death. She favored the successful delivery of a child and healthy growth. She believed the stunt growth of a child and sudden death.

Powers Artemis5.jpg

Artemis possessed almost all the powers of a general goddess. She, like all Olympians, held the power of super human strength. She could lift five tons more than an average goddess could lift, which is 25 tons. She held the power of super human speed, stamina, and dense tissue. These enabled her to run at incredible speeds without fatigue. Artemis’s muscles produced a considerably less amount of toxins then an average human, causing her to wear out much slower. She could exert all her energy at a peak for 24 hours until she would feel some sense of impairment. Also, her skin, muscle, and bone tissue were three times as dense as a regular humans tissue making her virtually indescructable. Artemis had super human durabilities powers, along with self healing powers, which make her capable of healing herself at amazing levels of efficiency. She was equipped with immortality, shape-shifting, and the ability to teleport herself all around creation also. The most unique power Artemis possessed was Energy Manipulation. This enabled her to manipulate great amounts of energy in a number of ways. She would sometimes use this power to do good, such as heal people, and sometimes she would use it to create enormous plaques. Artemis Works Cited.doc