ATALANTA :The Runner
By: Georgia Konzel

Atalanta the Huntress
Atalanta the Huntress

· AT-uh-LAN-tuh
Was abandoned on top of a mountain.
· Became a part of a hunting clan.
· Killed the Calydonian Boar
· Reunited with her father
· Didn't want to marry, but made a deal with her father
· She would marry the first person to beat her in a race, but if the person lost she could kill them
· She was strong and beautiful, so many wanted to race her
· Hippomenes found a way to beat her
· They were eaten by lions after the race

Birth: Atalanta was Born to King Iasus. The King wanted a son so badly to pass on the crown too, so when he got a daughter, he decided he would abandon her on top of Mount Parthenon to die. The God Artemis, watched this happen, and had sympathy on her and sent a bear to take care of her. A Hunter later found her and contuined to raise her.


Usually the hunters don't let women hunt with them, but Meleager, the cheif of the group, liked Atalanta a lot, and wanted her to stay with them. The hunters raised her so well, that she had the skills of an animal. The hunters were looking for the Calydonian Boar, and Atalanta was the first to attack it. Since she found it and made the first move she was awarded the tusks and hide. When the king heard that she had killed the boar, the king wanted to see her. He recognized Atalanta as being his daughter.


The king insisted that Atalanta should settle down and marry. Many men wanted to marry her because of her stregnth, and beauty. She didn't want to because she thought men were good hunting partners, and she didn't want to stop hunting. Atalanta made a deal with her father that she will marry the first guy that can beat her in a foot race. But if the man lost to her, then she could kill them. Many people raced her, and lost their lives.

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Hippomenes was in love with Atalanta, and wanted to marry her. He knew that in order to marry her he had to race her, and that many people have lost their lives already. He prayed to the god of love Aphrodite, for help. She gave Hippomenes 3 Golden apples and a plan. The race started and Atalanta started ganing on Hippomenes. Hippomenes threw an apple at Atalanta's feet, knowing that she would stop to pick it up. She stopped to get it which gave Hippomenes time to pass her. Everytime Atalanta passed him, Hippomenes threw an apple, and passed her. Hippomenes won in the end, and was to marry Atalanta. But, Hippomenes forgot to thank Aphrodite, so they got eaten by lions.

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